Grey floor tiles and White grey tiles which color is better

Grey floor tiles and White grey tiles which color is better

Grey floor tiles and White grey tiles which color is better


White grey tiles give a light feel, can make the whole home environment quiet, even if it is matched with any color of the wall, it will not appear top-heavy. Grey floor tiles are very fashionable with home decoration and are more suitable for modern minimalist style. This matching method is more suitable for living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. So which color is better for Grey floor tiles and White grey tiles?

White grey tiles

1. For a bathroom with a small area and poor lighting, it is not suitable for dark and warm color wall tiles. Because the dark wall tiles make people feel that the space is smaller, and the room looks darker: in addition, the warm-colored wall tiles have a visual sense of approaching forward, which will increase the pressure of the room. Therefore, such rooms usually use light and cool floor tiles, such as White grey tiles.
2. Grey floor tiles, as the background of sanitary ware, play a foil role. Therefore, the brightness and chroma of the color are much lower than that of sanitary ware.
3. Floor tiles should maintain a color tone. Generally, the color of floor tiles is darker than that of wall tiles.
4. The white grey tiles in the bathroom should be subtle in pattern, elegant in color, vague, and should not be overwhelming.
5. The style of the kitchen wall tiles should be concise and lively. Pay attention to the coordination with the style and color of the cabinet and cooking table. The pattern should be simple and generous, making people feel clean and bright. A few tiles should be appropriately decorated, and more consideration should be given to using White grey. tiles.
6. When purchasing floor tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and balconies, choose wall tiles first, and then choose Grey floor tiles, following the principle of first complexity and then simplicity. There are many colors for the floor tiles, which are relatively simple, while the wall tiles are divided into tops and bottoms, and the matching is more complicated.


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