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Tile floors are common because they are easy to install, they are stylish, and cost efficient. Many people choose tile flooring because it is durable, waterproof and easy to maintain. Tile flooring is impervious to most stains, making the cleaning process virtually effortless. Although you can clean most tile floors with common household cleaners, ensure that the cleaning product is compatible with tile and grout. Keep your tile flooring well maintained by removing stains immediately and sweeping and mopping regularly.
1, Sweep up any loose dirt or grim with a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Routinely sweep the tile flooring every day, and place dirt-catching mats at       
every room entrance to reduce heavy soil buildup.
2, Mix the recommended amount of all-purpose cleaner with warm water in a bucket. Review your flooring manufacturer"s recommendations on the 
type of cleaner to use for your tile.
3, Clean the tile floor with a cotton mop or soft sponge, and allow the cleaner to remain on the tile for a couple of minutes.
4, Dump and rinse the dirty water out of the bucket, and fill it with clean water.
5, Rinse the tile floor thoroughly several times with the clean water and a clean mop to prevent any remaining detergent residue from drying on the   
tile and trapping dirt.

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